Monday, October 26, 2009

How to improve the community

Nowadays, there is a new vision about communities, we can see it comparing these communities with the old ones. We are losing, day by day, the principles of society, where one person needs to live in group. The individualism is growing more and more. Let’s see some examples to understand more this situation: Today, you don’t need to go to the shopping mall to buy something, you can do it on the internet; you don’t need to go out to see your friends and talk to them, you can do it at home.
Another problem of this difference between communities of today and the past is the security, the world is getting more unsafe than ever, so, because of that, it’s better to spend time at home that going out. One problem that we can’t forget is the speed that the things happen. In these days it’s important to do something as quickly as possible. All this principles are totally different from the principles of the old communities.
Let’s go more inside on the situation. In the past the base of the community was the church, and all the community was built around it. The principles were based in the bible (church), where an individual needs to live in group, doing the best as he can to improve this group. Nowadays, the base of the community is the man, the society is being built around the principles and the goals of the man, where we think more on ourselves than the community itself.
So, in my opinion, we may rescue the principles of the old communities and ally them to our lives, in other words, we need to think more in the community than in ourselves, but using the things that we have today (technology for example) to improve the society and help each other to do our community as better as we can

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